Can I arrange a bespoke package?

Absolutely! Most events are unique and require some adjustment to our stated packages. 

Do you sell alcohol?

No, we do not have an alcohol licence. You will have all your alcohol ready for us to load into our chillers and caravan for serving. You will need to pre-chill your drinks. For larger events chiller trailers are a great option.

Do we need to pre-chill the drinks?

We have plenty of chiller space to keep your drinks cold for serving at your event. Pre-chilling your drinks to be ready for the day is essential for events over 50 people.

Do the caravans need power?

The caravans are battery powered for the lights and the chillers are ice powered. There are 4 power points inside on a 10amp breaker. For the coffee option we would need to be within 60m of a power supply to plug in.

Does the Ice Trike need power?

No - it has ice gel packs which typically keep the ice box chilly for 8 hours. You are welcome to put normal ice in the Trike, just be aware that as it melts it drains out the bottom.

How long do you need to set up?

We like to give ourselves at least 2 hour for basic set up prior to guest arrival. For any outdoor area set up longer time is needed depending on what has been hired.
The bar will open at the pre arranged serving time. We understand timings can change slightly on the day so will be prepared for tweaks to the schedule.

What happens at the end of the night?

Once the agreed serving hours are complete we will do a quick tidy of the bar but she will usually stay in place until the event is over. We work closely with you to have a plan in place well before the big day as each event and venue is unique and has it's own challenges.

How big is she and what’s inside?

Caravan Specs:
2.2m Wide, 2.7m with bar hatch open
3m long 3.7 including draw bar
2.3m high
approximately 900kg loaded with drinks and staff.
4 internal power points on 10amp breaker
one large ice sink, one hand pump work sink
Bar top 2.3m ice sink can be covered to make continuous surface.
Internal lighting is battery powered

Do you need a site visit?

Yes. A site visit is essential for ensuring we can safely site the caravan at your chosen location. Each site is unique and some are just not suited for our little caravan. Also it’s a great opportunity to meet with you and hear your ideas for your big day.